Adding Bank details in the invoice


Could somebody help me in adding Banking details in invoice.

Bank Name: xxx
Benificiary: ABC
IFSC Code: ssss
Acc No: 1213

I tried adding it in pdf footer, but everything appears in one single line.
Any help is much appreciated.


Hello @Sharath_Kumar_Sadari,

You apparently already know where to enter the html/css code. :wink:
What you may not yet know is that this code is used by mPDF ( to generate your PDF invoice. This means that you can only use valid code that can be used within this php library.
Below you can find an example that uses tables (in mPDF) to better structure your data.

<DIV ALIGN=CENTER> <font size="1">Pag.:  {PAGENO}/{nb}</font>  </DIV>
<font size="1">
<hr width= "75%">
<table align="center" border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" width="750px">
   <td width="60px" color="#77b632"><font size="1">Bank Name:</font></td>
   <td><font size="1">xxx</font></td>
   <td width="40px" color="#77b632"><font size="1">Benificiary:</font></td>
   <td><font size="1">ABC</font></td>
   <td width="60px" color="#77b632"><font size="1">IFSC Code:</font></td>
   <td><font size="1">ssss</font></td>
   <td width="40px" color="#77b632"><font size="1">Acc No:</font></td>
   <td><font size="1">1213</font></td>

On your PDF invoice this can then look like this…

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