The temporary folder is missing

I have updated my IP version to 1.3.2 and everything works ok but I have a problem with invoices logo. I’m trying to upload my logo and when I select an image and save, IP shows me: The temporary folder is missing.
And it doesn’t save my image.

What is happening? Thank you.

Could you please verify that the folder /uploads/temp is existing.

Yes, it exists.

Is it writable?

Yes, it is. It had never happened to me. I have just download new version and upload it to my server.

Okay I’ll take a look.

Ok, please tell me if you find the answer.

Just for info.
Updated to 1.3.2
Uploaded logo, no problem, removed logo, uploaded new logo, no problem.

I’ll try to reload my packages… That’s strange.

Can’t reproduce this error too.
But I found some information about this problem in a thread about Expression Engine which is based on Codeigniter (same framework like InvoicePlane):

I can confirm this problem when open_basedir is set to the base directory of the InvoicePlane installation path. It’s a bit curious since the temporary upload folder is actually a sub-directory and therefore should be accessible.