Template for Croatian Market - but can be used for others


Template for Croatian Market - but can be used for others with little tweaking…

Croatian Tax Agency was very strict what must be on Invoice and its mandated by law, so i created templates, and on Croatian version of website will be packaged Invoice plane with templates and instructions how to use it on Croatian market…

One thing i added, that is my personal need, is second address for company… Some want invoices sent to other address then what is they official address of buissnes… so it will be reflected in template…

This are screenshots… will be sending code for templates here as soon as i finish tweeking…

I need to see how to iterate and get list of Tax rates so i don’t have them hardcoded in template…

I’m using here mpdf helper from this forum, and used theyr template as starter point for this templates

Quote template

Invoice template


this looks very nice and I’d love to translate/use it for my german invoices :slight_smile:


Nice template, please share if you ready!


i will share it i just need to do few touches, and specify all additional fields i use and i will publish it here

p.s. will try to add in english language files all strings for translation :wink: i have some ideas :smiley: how to add it maybe semi permanently… if it works… i’ll give instructions here…



I saw that you mention tax amounts for each tax rates at the bottom of template.
In Italy we need to do the same since we can sell different items with different tax rates.

For example:

item1 description1 quantity1 unitprice1 total1 taxrateA
item2 description2 quantity2 unitprice2 total2 taxrateA
item3 description3 quantity3 unitprice3 total3 taxrateB
item4 description4 quantity4 unitprice4 total4 taxrateC

Where taxrateA, taxrateB and taxrateC can be like:

taxrateA -> percentage 4,00 & description "VAT 4%"
taxrateB -> percentage 10,00 & description "VAT 10%"
taxrateC -> percentage 22,00 & description "VAT 22%"

Do you think we can add tax description for each item ? Lite this:

Sku  Description  Qty  UnitPrice  NetAmount  TaxDescription  TaxRate
M01  Milk         12   10,00      120,00     IVA 4%          4%
W02  Water        10   7,00        70,00     IVA 10%         10%
B07  Spaghetti    8    8,00        64,00     IVA 22%         22%

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Kindest regards

Giuseppe Solina

I dit it ! For Italian Market

soory for not writing sooner

i have demolished whole house so i had no time to look into this

next week i’ll have more time so i’ll update my template and publish it


Hi Andrej,
Hope your house is coming fine…
Love this template, just like Tate83 I am interested to use/translate in Dutch !


Me again

Finally have computer up and running… Planning next week a vacation… I see i’ll have first to update my own installation, and templates first :confused: while on vacation …
A lot unexpected things on the house happened (it was built in 1962) … so i don’t think it will be finished in next 1-2 months… but will have to get my regular work back up and running full time asap – will need extra founding for house :confused:


Hello, where can i download the tempate share?


Can you release the template and maybe even in english??


sorry guy’s i did not forgot about you

i was ill and working on house then office and a lot of things happened…

Did manage to catch up a bit on things and i hope during this upcoming vacation around new year i’ll find time to update my system to lates invoice plane, update template and release it …


Hello, is there update for this ?


You can group different VATs (cro - PDV) in your PDF and Web template by collecting all VATs into an Array. However, the array like this is not clean and proper PHP code and it will cause the E_Notice… BUT, we can code dirty and disable the E_Notice and enable it later… :slight_smile: This will work:

            error_reporting(E_ALL ^  E_NOTICE); 
            $tax_percentages = array(); 
            foreach ($items as $item) : 
            $tax_percentages[$item->item_tax_rate_percent] += $item->item_tax_total; 

        <?php if ($quote->quote_item_tax_total > 0) { ?>
                <td <?php echo($show_item_discounts ? 'colspan="6"' : 'colspan="5"'); ?> class="text-right">
                    <?php foreach($tax_percentages as $percentage => $amount) { _trans('item_tax'); echo lang('item_tax_rate_percent') . " " . $percentage . "%<br>\n"; } ?>
                <td class="text-right">
                    <?php foreach($tax_percentages as $percentage => $amount) { echo format_currency($amount) . "<br>\n"; } ?>	
        <?php } ?>