Tax rate not applied or confusion on invoices

Just found this project after looking for a WP based solution and this is a far cleaner flowing approach from a user perspective than anything else I found.Thanks for picking the project up.

I am however confused over the Tax approach. In the UK we generally apply VAT to the total on the invoice and within products or services flag the rate applied eg have full std, reduced rates or none. However I cant find a scenario that works for this or even one that does an invoice item total and then an invoice rate at X%

Setting the default invoice tax rate or where it should be applied relative to the line tax seems to make no difference. We need to state the Total Net amount, VAT rate and amount applied and a Total Due. This seems not to be working or possible although the logic in the layout appears to be there.

Essentially I do not seem to be able to get any calculation for the Invoice tax rate to work. Am I missing something obvious in how to use it?

Also I noted a sort of bug: If you delete all products/lines from a saved invoice (might be nice to have a ‘remove’ without saving) the system sets the invoice status to PAID immediately. When you then add new/different products to it and then save it, will be locked and marked as PAID unless you noticed and manually switch the status back befiore clicking save.

Other bits like tweaking the size of the font on invoices terms and as was mentioned elsewhere the significant style diffences between web and pdf invoices the system makes sense to me and essentially works well.

Look forward to contributing to the project in some way or other. Perhaps for those of us with fewer useful coding skills to contribute we could look at bounty payments for stuff that needs external or specialist work or focused concentrated effort. I would contribute to donations for a project happily.



Invoiceplane V1.43