System templates


I’ve just started using invoice plane and having used another self hosted system I am very impressed. I am primarily a front end web developer and as much as I like the layout and design of invoice plane, I wondered if there are ways to add to the existing templates in a way that they won’t be overwritten by updates.

I’m only talking about tweaks here and there to make it a bit more tailored.

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You can modify the look and feel by adding CSS to the custom.css file in the assets folder.

Great thanks for the quick reply. What about html?

You would have to merge updated file with the changed ones but there are no raw templates that could be made upgrade-safe.

No probs, thats great info. I probably wont need to change an awful lot but its nice to know the possibilities, merging a few tweaks after an update wouldn’t be a big deal. Thanks again.

if you need to change html you can duplicate templates files. In this way on update they are not going to be overwritten (but they will don’t get new features too).

Cheers FooLab