Suggestion - Mass Email Mailer

Hi There,

To start off with - than you so much for the brilliant app! Truly useful and helpful.

Would it be possible to incorporate a mass mailer, which allows an email to be sent to all clients in the database. It would be a great help! :smile:


You mean something like a newsletter?

I guess that’s a good way of describing it, yes. Just a way to send en email to all clients.


Hmm I think this is something that we’ll not integrate directly into InvoicePlane as it’s not related to the main functions.
But we’re planning an API for InvoicePlane v2 so you will be able to connect services like Mailchimp or other open source Newsletter apps to InvoicePlane.

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That’ll work too!


Great Idea. I think the API would be great to have. Looking at integrating the IP to client’s real-time service based platform where service delivery is dependent on having paid for subscription. Such services like CableTV subscription or broadband Internet subscription.

It’d also make Client Portals much easier to create!