Suggestion for new bottom buttons

Continuing the discussion from Scroll to bottom when adding new row, or add same menu to the bottom of page:

Can you add #invoice_terms as the href for each of those bottom buttons. So it will stay at the bottom of the page when clicking on either of those bottom buttons. I just updated and see the buttons but when you click on them, it scrolls to the top of the page which defeats the purpose of having those bottom buttons.

I will edit mine in the templates but for future use I think this should be updated. That will make it stay at the bottom of the page since the invoice terms are at the bottom.

[size=10]Last Update: 24.06.2015[/size]

Also one more suggestion to go along with these bottom buttons. I added another save button at the bottom as well so I don’t have to scroll to the top to save.

This is in application\modules\invoices\views\partial_item_table.php line 224 right after the new bottom buttons

if ($invoice->is_read_only != 1 || $invoice->invoice_status_id != 4) { ?>
    <a href="#" class="btn btn-sm btn-success" id="btn_bottom_save">
        <i class="fa fa-check"></i> <?php echo lang('save'); ?>
<?php } ?>

And then in application\modules\invoices\views\view.php line 28 placed above the save invoice event.

    $('#btn_bottom_save').click(function () {
        $( "#btn_save_invoice" ).trigger( "click" );