Submit Invoice Hangs in Browser

Hi all -

I have just completed installing InvoicePlane and have created entries for products, clients, groups and such.
When I try to create my first invoice, the process hangs with the “gear” going around in the browser.
When I re-navigate to Invoices, I find that there is a draft invoice but the numbers computed in the fields are wrong.

Here is the error that I see in the console:

A Database Error Occurred
Error Number: 1366
Incorrect decimal value: '' for column 'invoice_discount_amount' at row 1
UPDATE `ip_invoices` SET `invoice_number` = '161620150608', `invoice_terms` = '', `invoice_date_created` = '2015-06-08', `invoice_date_due` = '2015-07-08', `invoice_password` = '', `invoice_status_id` = '1', `payment_method` = '1', `invoice_discount_amount` = '', `invoice_discount_percent` = '', `invoice_date_modified` = '2015-06-08 22:01:26' WHERE `ip_invoices`.`invoice_id` =  '3'
Filename: /Library/WebServer/Documents/invoices/core/MY_Model.php
Line Number: 220

I have tried various permutations of entering values for discount, no values, percentages, etc with no change in the problem. I’m sure this is something simple but I just can’t figure it out. I am using OS X Yosemite and the MySQL and Apache2 seem to work OK otherwise. The product installed without errors once I got the permissions right.

I just can’t create an invoice.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance -


Are you using the latest version (1.4.1)?

I thought it was the latest version. I will look for that download and try again. Thanks.

I started from scratch and downloaded v1.4.2 2 2
After installing and creating a customer, product group and products I tried to create an invoice.
When I press the submit button that should open a new invoice ready to be populated, nothing at all happens.
Any ideas please?

I found that the default payment method needs to be created and selected. Also all fields on an invoice need to be given some value.
When all of that is done, the submit invoice still fails with hanging Gears - but the invoice does in fact get saved.
It can be found and edited by viewing invoices.
So now how do we get it to complete the transaction without the hanging gears?
Any ideas welcomed. Thanks - Joel

It’s not required and I can create and save invoices on three different systems (Win, Mac, Ubuntu) without any problems. That’s why I just so curious about these problems.
The gears mean that the application is stuck because of an error that may be related to the one you posted first.

Could you please share complete information about your system: which OS, which version, which web server do you use, which PHP version and so on.