[Solved] Unable to Install Invoice Plane in CentOS 6.6 (VPS) help

Hi guys,

I’m trying to install Invoice Plane on my VPS server, but it seens impossible. I can’t access the install page, it show up a blank page and doesn’t load anything. Watch the screencapture I did: https://youtu.be/m2S_bQnDJsE

The Support from the server didn’t helped me as well.

I have installed Invoice Plane on a shared server (GoDaddy) and it worked fine. But the problem is with my VPS (main) server.

Anyone can help me please?

Can you give some more system specs (apache version, php version, mysql version). So I can try to reproduce this later. Or where is that VPS hosted so we can look up some specs?

  1. It seems you didn’t followed the installation guide. Do not enter any information in the database.php. Please remove the information, they will be automatically placed later.
  2. The “AllowOverride All” must be placed in the Apache main config file, not the htaccess file.

Ok, I re-uploaded the database.php by default. But I can’t find exactly where to edit the “AllowOverride All”.

The folder where I’m trying to install on the server is: “/home/james/public_html/invoice”

I also created a subdomain: http://invoice.brelaz.tv

Nothing works =/ :cold_sweat:

Here you go about the allowoverride setting: http://support.severalnines.com/entries/23154162-Enable-AllowOverride-for-Apache

YESS, I did it.

My installation was successfuly complete. Thank you!

I just restarted all the process using another FTP client.

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