[Solved] Template changes not showing

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong but my template changes are not showing. Eg. I have selected to change the green template ( application/views/invoice_templates/pdf/green.php ) with the following code:

<?php echo $invoice->client_custom_contact_person; ?>

This is between the “client_tax_code” and “client_address_1” in the class “invoice-to”. I’ve also tested this with the default.php template but same issue. I’ve also tried it on the public/default.php template and same issue. I’ve alos used the code in:


as follows:

<?php print_r($invoice); ?>

… and the variables don’t show up. Perhaps I’m not editing the correct files?

I thought perhaps that the changes weren’t being applied to existing invoices so I generated a new invoice but still same issue. Any assistance is appreciated.

Regards, Robby

Ok please ignore this - pebkac! I normally keep a unzipped copy of all dist files before sending this on to my web server. I was editing this copy instead of the files on the web server. Sorry!