[Solved] Special characters in Client Name breaks invoice/quote creation

I installed InvoicePlane without issue, and entered my first client, but when I clicked on “Create Invoice” or “Create Quote” nothing would happen and a Javascript error would show up in the console. Then I did a fresh reinstall (dropped the database and re-created it), after which the “Create Invoice” function worked, so I created my client again, which immediately broke the “Create Invoice” function. It was at this point I noticed that my client name had an apostrophe in it (although I and my install are in English, the client has a French name). I removed the apostrophe from the client’s name and the “Create Invoice” buttons immediately started working again.

Basically, it seems as though if even one client has an apostrophe in its name (I didn’t test other characters) it will break the javascript code that launches the “Create Invoice/Quote” screen for all clients. Can this be fixed?



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[size=10]Last Update 15.06.2015 (mark as fixed)[/size]