[Solved] Issues creating invoices and accessing settings

I’ve poured over the searches and haven’t found anything that fits my issue yet so here goes:

I can’t create invoices. I get the pop-up screen asking for Client, Date, PDF Password, and Invoice Group. I fill those out (don’t use PDF Password) hit “Create” and nothing happens. The pop-up remains, and no invoice gets created.

A possibly related issues is I can’t access the System Settings menu. Everything else in the Settings menu works, but System Settings gives me a blank page. The database is populated for ip_settings so I’m not real sure what’s going on.

/application/logs/index.html just has 403 - Directory access is forbidden. I’ve tried this in Chromium 41 and Firefox 37 - both with and without AdBlock Plus enabled.

Any ideas?

You can’t access the system settings? Then there is something really weird going on.

  1. In this case set the log_threshold from 0 to 2 in the file /application/config/config.php
  2. Now try to open the settings page again.
  3. Then copy the logs from /application/logs with us (not the index.html file), paste them to paste.invoiceplane.com and share the link here.

Well I feel stupid.

Turned on the error reporting and had a ton of php date.timezone errors. Checked my php.ini and instead of using date.timezone = "America/Chicago" I used date.timezone = "America\Chicago".

Stupid slash mark. All works well now. Thanks!!