[Solved] Instal Invoice Plane on UwAmp server need help to setup

OK, I have a UwAmp server running and have copied all files into www/InvoicePlane folder, InvoicePlane does not appear in the Uwamp list of sites in “www Site” button. In the browser I have tried http://localhost/InvoicePlane/setup and some variations but no success.

Please change the .htaccess file in the InvoicePlane directory:
RewriteBase /
RewriteBase /InvoicePlane
and try again.

Make sure that the mod_rewrite module is on (but this should be standard for Uwamp).

Thanks, Both done and there is progress. InvoicePlane is available but in browser I get : …

	A Database Error Occurred
	Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.Filename: E:\=WebServer\www\InvoicePlane\system\database\DB_driver.phpLine Number: 125	...

Now you should be able to run the setup.

Thank you, thank you. :wink: Now I need to make a new database.

Thank you very much for your support Kovah. Invoice Plane is working now and looks very usable.

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