[Solved] Import leads to blank page


I just tried to import some clients via the importer.
For this I created a clients.csv and put it to the import directory. I followed the guidelines from the Wiki. By visiting /import page only a blank page appears. I expected at least an error message.

Do you have any ideas what could lead to this?

Log file with all messages: https://paste.invoiceplane.com/pknmwsuil

Are there no other logs?

No other log output. - Not in InvoicePlane logs itsself and not in the server logs. Perhabs I will have a closer look into the source later.

Maybe any special characters in the csv files that may break the import?

No, I removed all characters, which could be special, but there was still a blank page. I “imported” my file by creating SQL query from it and execute it via phpMyAdmin.