[Solved] Error Number: 1583

I just installed InvoicePlane and when I created the admin account, it redirected to the dashboard but it shows an error:

Error Number: 1583

Incorrect parameters in the call to native function 'IFNULL'

SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS ip_invoice_custom.*, ip_client_custom.*, ip_user_custom.*, ip_users.user_name, ip_users.user_company, ip_users.user_address_1, ip_users.user_address_2, ip_users.user_city, ip_users.user_state, ip_users.user_zip, ip_users.user_country, ip_users.user_phone, ip_users.user_fax, ip_users.user_mobile, ip_users.user_email, ip_users.user_web, ip_users.user_vat_id, ip_users.user_tax_code, ip_clients.*, ip_invoice_amounts.invoice_amount_id, IFNULL(ip_invoice_amounts.invoice_item_subtotal, ip_'0.00') AS invoice_item_subtotal, IFNULL(ip_invoice_amounts.invoice_item_tax_total, ip_'0.00') AS invoice_item_tax_total, IFNULL(ip_invoice_amounts.invoice_tax_total, ip_'0.00') AS invoice_tax_total, IFNULL(ip_invoice_amounts.invoice_total, ip_'0.00') AS invoice_total, IFNULL(ip_invoice_amounts.invoice_paid, ip_'0.00') AS invoice_paid, IFNULL(ip_invoice_amounts.invoice_balance, ip_'0.00') AS invoice_balance, ip_invoice_amounts.invoice_sign AS invoice_sign, (CASE WHEN ip_invoices.invoice_status_id NOT IN (1, 4) AND DATEDIFF(NOW(), invoice_date_due) > 0 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) is_overdue, DATEDIFF(NOW(), invoice_date_due) AS days_overdue, (CASE (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ip_invoices_recurring WHERE ip_invoices_recurring.invoice_id = ip_invoices.invoice_id and ip_invoices_recurring.recur_next_date <> '0000-00-00') WHEN 0 THEN 0 ELSE 1 END) AS invoice_is_recurring, ip_invoices.* FROM (`ip_invoices`) JOIN `ip_clients` ON `ip_clients`.`client_id` = `ip_invoices`.`client_id` JOIN `ip_users` ON `ip_users`.`user_id` = `ip_invoices`.`user_id` LEFT JOIN `ip_invoice_amounts` ON `ip_invoice_amounts`.`invoice_id` = `ip_invoices`.`invoice_id` LEFT JOIN `ip_client_custom` ON `ip_client_custom`.`client_id` = `ip_clients`.`client_id` LEFT JOIN `ip_user_custom` ON `ip_user_custom`.`user_id` = `ip_users`.`user_id` LEFT JOIN `ip_invoice_custom` ON `ip_invoice_custom`.`invoice_id` = `ip_invoices`.`invoice_id` ORDER BY `ip_invoices`.`invoice_id` DESC LIMIT 10

Filename: /var/www/plane/core/MY_Model.php

Line Number: 88

Any help

I can’t see any errors with the functions. Maybe a problem with missing tables or something g like that?!
First, please make sure that your server meets the minimum requirements and you followed the installation guide.
If everything is fine please check your web server error logs. Maybe an error occurred and InvoicePlane wasn’t installed correctly.

I followed the installation guide. I will try to re-install all. I say you something.

Problem solved. Reinstalled and now works. Thx for all.

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