[Solved] Cron Job Error: 404 NOT FOUND

Set up cron job as stated in wiki. get the following error via email:

–2015-05-28 14:59:01-- http://mydomain.com/invoices/cron/recur/mykey
Resolving mydomain.com… 192.169.XX.XX
Connecting to mydomain|192.169.XX.XX|:XX… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 404 Not Found
2015-05-28 14:59:01 ERROR 404: Not Found.

I looked at the files in my installation of Invoice Plane and there is no such file as the path indicates. No “cron” file no “recur” file etc… this is why there is an error. The path given doesn’t lead to anything. I need a fix for this asap as my recurring will not work without and it’s necessary.

But you can access the application normally?
There should be no folder, no files or something. The URL is handled by the application itself.

Yes, the program functions perfectly except for the cron. I am setting it up in cpanel as wget -O- http://mydomain.com/invoices/cron/recur/my-cron-key.

Uhm… do you replace mydomain.com with your own domain???

Of course. And, I replace the key as well.

what is unclear from the description is if we need to apply the subfolder too, as “invoices” can either mean the respective folder or a rather misleading subfolder being /invoiceplane/invoices actually…

This was the issue. I added invoice/invoices/cron/recur and it now works. Thank you!

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