[Solved] Can't save more than 1 new items in quote/invoice


I am currently experiencing an error when i’m saving several many new items at the same time.
Everything is processed without error and i have the successful save message, but the items haven’t been added to the database leaving me with a still empty invoice/quote.

This problem occur when i add more than 2 or 3 new items.

I’ve added a console.log to the “btn_save_quote” function before and after the Ajax call and here are their values :


(Capture) In case i create only one new item (it work)
(Capture2) In case i create several items with the “add products” button (it work)
(Capture3) In case i create several new items with the “add a row” buton (it doesn’t work)

Concerning the error logs of my server there is absolutely nothing about this.
I also have no problem to edit several items who already exist in the databse.

Does someone have an idea about what could cause this problem ?



Problem solved, it was coming from my javascript text editor i added.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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