[Solved] Blank screen during Invoice Plane setup (database_configuration)


I just installed invoice plane on my server. After going to www.domain.com/setup I’m see language selection drop down, on the next screen all the prerequisites are green (just warning for the timezone), after filling in the DB details i’m ending up at www.domain.com/configure_database with a blank screen.
The database exists in mysql db, so does the user, i’ve triple checked the connection details (host, pwd, db etc - all good).
Application is behind nginx but i doubt that’s causing issues. I’ve changed logging error level to 2 but no errors in the log appear.
What else should I check? Is the host value during setup simply localhost or should i add the port as well?

  1. In this case set the log_threshold from 0 to 2 in the file /application/config/config.php
  2. Now try to load the site again.
  3. isThen copy the logs from /application/logs with us (not the index.html file), save them on http://hastebin.com/ and share the link here.

Found the issue. MySQL module wasn’t installed in PHP…it took me 12h to figure this one out, I’d never thing PHP would be installed without MySQL module by default.
Btw. I think application should in that case error lack of aforementioned module. Log’s were empty with level 2.

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