[Solved] Blank Page for Import

Well I’m still having trouble with attachments not attaching and also I cannot import anything either.

When I go to import all I get is a blank page with nothing on whatsoever (in the source code using inspector there is nothing other than the html, head and body tags). I am presuming that the attachments and import must be using/doing something the same if neither of these are working for me?

I know I am not the only one who has had this problem, but cannot see what is causing this as everything else works fine.

I have tried on numerous computers (PC and Mac) in case it was the browser, and also reinstalled IP, all to no avail.

Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Please take a look at the web server error logs as a blank page indicates a server error with suppressed error messages.

I have managed to work out what was wrong.

I knew I had upgraded to PHP 5.4 on my server (and was convinced it was set to that) but when I checked again it had been rolled back to 5.3 (think it may have been been rolled back due to problems with 5.4 and something else I was trying a while back and forgot about that), setting it again to 5.4 has fixed the issue of both the import and the attachments.


Okay thanks for the information. Support for PHP 5.3 may be a little bit wiggly and it’s not recommended at all to use it.

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