SMTP authentication save/password bugs

Thanks for the dev on this. I love it. i just found this a week ago and I am in the middle of setting it up. I was setting up the SMTP email and noticed 4 bugs.
1 I have already posted in which someone else already found about the attachments not attaching.
2 when you click the gear> system settings> email > change a detail about it >click save > it goes back to the general tab. IMO it should stay on the Email tab. Is this a feature or a bug? because a lot of other websites it would have you stay on the same tab.

3rd bug is setting up the STMP. I enter all the details click save. It saves them fine but never actually confirms them. I go to send an invoice then it errors out because the authentication. I think it should check upon save? similar to other website?

4th and last. I noticed there is an error in handling passwords in the SMTP. I created a SMTP user on my website with a password of “%3Bbb#v-h~q-”. Click save, it saves it (does bug 3 and 2) then I go to send an email it can’t send. I confirm 100% of the details multiple times. I then check the details against another website I have and it works fine. I decided to change the password to something like “daWDKsryi0LI”. It then magically works. So what it looks to be like, it is not able to handle one of the symbols in my above password. the -%#~ <-- one of those. not sure didn’t narrow it down. While this is not a HUGE deal. I just noticed it and wanted to bring it up/ have it documented because the passwords I use are just pregenerated ones via a program I have .

if you need any more information please let me know