Simple PDF template editor

Hey all,

is it possible to have one template editor for quote & invoice, even if it’s a simple editor, (big textarea with just one button save).

Cause, i need to use rsync, ssh connection, … to edit one template & to get a preview.

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[size=10]Last Update: 26.06.2015 (added to issue tracker)[/size]

I think this will not be implemented in InvoicePlane 2. Such an editor is too heavy and hard to implement. But there will be much better templates included by default.

I don’t undersrand : A simple page, with one textarea. Just one file_get_contents of template file & file_put_contents on POST form : it’s easy, No ?

It’s simply temporary solution before invoicePlane 2.0 with include template editor.

Thank you

Ah okay, I understand what you mean. Sorry.
Sure, I think something like this is possible. I just thought you want a WYSIWYG editor…

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i just think about a text plain editor to edit template code online. that’s all

I second that. It could be very handy, because now we need to ftp / ssh / control panel to make changes to templates on web host >.<

Added to issue tracker.