Show additional Rows in View clients

Can i show Additional Rows in view clients

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What exactly do you mean with “additional rows”?

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When i click on View Clients I see
Client Name
Email Address
Phone Number
These Fields
How can i add more fields Like City Country Etc

Maybe the wiki helps: Custom Fields

This helps to add custom fields But i need to show these fields in the Clients table when a user clicks on view clients

Oh, I think something like this is not implemented. The custom fields are only displayed in the edit/view of the client. You would have to change application/modules/clients/views/partial_client_table.php to achieve this and you will have to redo this after every update.

Can you please help me in doing this

It is not recommended to do so, because you will have to redo these changes after every update, but actually it is pretty easy.

I created a simple example. I created a custom field called test on table client

To add this field to the client list view, my application/modules/clients/views/partial_clients_table.php may look like this:

You have to add a header like

<th>My custom field table header</th>

and you will find a line

<td><?php echo $client->client_custom_test; ?></td>

which will output the content of your custom field. If you’re not yet familiar with HTML table syntax you should start reading about that first.

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Thanks a lot
I will try to implement