Shortcodes + math in recurring invoices

After using fusioninvoice, I migrated to InvoiceNinja. Although a nice alternative, I had a very hard time converting my invoice design to their format, which is built up completely in javascript and rather spaghetti coded to be honest. Luckily I see invoiceplane came to life and I can easily migrate from fusioninvoice.

I do have a feature request for this software because I thought it was something very useful from invoiceninja. They can use shortcodes in their product descriptions in the recurring invoices, with simple math. Let me give you an example:

  • Renewal of your domain name for #YEAR (or #YEAR + 1)
  • Computer maintenance for month #MONTH - 1
  • etc…

The #YEAR (or #MONTH, #QUARTER, etc…) would then of course convert to the correct values. This makes it easy to have comprehensive line items without having to edit your recurring invoices. What do you think?

I put it into the issue list:
It may be moved to v2 tough…