Setup worked but no access to /settings

I get error 500 when trying access http://localhost/InvoicePlane_v1.4.4/settings
I can create records in the database but not access the settings pages
web component is installed on Yosemite under Documents/InvoicePlane_v1.4.4
mod_rewrite is activated in httpd.conf by uncommenting the two modules and AllowOverride All is set

please help

All 500 errors are logged in the error logs of the web server. Please take a look, it may be a special element on the settings page that causes the error.

I found my mistake, like another user, I had my misspelled in the php.ini date.timezone = ‘Europe/Brussel’;
date.timezone = ‘Europe/Brussels’;
This was enough to mess it up completely
I also needed to install mcrypt to get proper layout and all now seems to work in the Settings page.
Thanks for the great app.