Setup doesn't progress passed the Create User step


The setup process for a new installation of the latest release gets as far create user but on clicking continue the page simply reloads with no error. All fields were correctly filled in.

mcrypt is insalled and enabled.

I manually created a user in the application database (accepting the fact that I would not be able to use the password) and went through the password reset process successfully to obtain a valid password - when trying to login, the login screen just reloads.

One other minor issue I have found is that the login page is trying to reference a version of jquery that is not in the assets/… folder (1.11.1 but 1.11.2 is present in assets).


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Managed to manually create a user directly in the database and follow reset password procedure to get a valid password.

I can now login but on trying to create another user in User Settings I get a 403 (Forbidden) error and the user is not created.