Set a default price for clients

I use invoiceplane for time tracking and since I’m paid and hourly wage most of the time it would make sense to be able to enter my default rate for a specific client. Then we wouldn’t need to add a price to each row of an invoice.

Or maybe this can be done with a custom invoice template? If not it seems like maybe a time tracking Invoice Group would be great. If we had another field for clients where we could enter an hr rate, if this time tracking invoice group was used it could get that value from the client table etc.

did you try to use quotes. You can define your positions with price (just the way if you’re working with custom orders in other systems)
To invoice just use quote-to-invoice.

I see no option to add a default price that will be used on each row for a quote. It is the same exact thing as an invoice but labelled as a quote. Has all the same fields in each row, as well as the same options.

So not exactly sure what you are referring to…

I thought of creating one quote (your template) and to create each month an invoice based on it.
But I’m not sure if this will cover your needs.

I think (if I understand you) that this is a feature that is not quite easy to implement and not needed by many customers.
I would suggest adding a product with the clients name and set a custom price here.