Secure App Store Database in a pendrive

I want to install this app to a local host and save the database on a pendrive
If ever anyone access my account he/she must not be able to view my data unless the pendrive is attached to the system

Last Update: 08.07.2015

You may use some stack like xampp. It is possible to run all needed apps (apache, mysql, …) from a pendrive (just google for xampp portable), or change the mysql configuration so the database data is stored on the pendrive. But I think this will change the storage of all databases to the pendrive.

In both scenarios users without the pendrive can’t run InvoicePlane.

Thank you

Your instructions seem to be accurate. I’ll probably use them as a template when composing the final documentation.

The problem with mysql is that you need a db server to be running. An alternate pendrive solution will have something like Sql Lite.

A pendrive is not secure because of the easy threat of loss due to its portability. You should consider therefore making encrypted backups of your data periodically.

This will likely be possible in the version 2.0.0 release, IP2 will be supporting other database systems such as sqlite, which uses a single file that could be stored on a flash drive.
However you may want to change some code in IP in order for it to show a nicer message when the database is not plugged in.
Just a heads up though: IP2 is still in development and should not be used in production