Salutation / gender field

It would be nice to have a salutation / gender field in the customer profile, e.g.

  • “Dear Sir/ Madam”
  • “Dear John”
  • “Mr./Mrs.”

So we could greet customers in the invoice pdf personally.

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You can do this in your templates by having the salutations before the fields

Already possible: You may want to add a custom field for clients and add your salutation there (have done it here).
In the Email template you have the variable field to be selected at the bottom. The pdf template needs to be adapted with your field/s (example $invoice->client_custom_salutation or $invoice->client_custom_gender)
hth Markus

Thx bigtt & neubauer. I did it this way, too. But I thought it would be a nice option for everyone to have these fields as a default option (also with a nice dropdown menu instead of the classic text input field).