Requests about pdf generations quote's


I have found that some features are missing that are actually mandatory in Belgium when creating a Quote or facturation.

In example:

-Footnotes on the quote’s are mandatory because you have to show your bank number, your TAX number and your contact info at all times
-The Sale Conditions don’t show in both the quote’s or facturation either pdf or website generated, this is mandatory.

just letting you know in hopes this can be added quickly!

Since the PDF footer is based on my code I’m going to write a pull request for this part to simply include the invoice footer in the quote too.

[size=10]Last Update: 06.07.2015[/size]

@lommes Are you registered at the issue tracker? If yes please add a new feature request.

I created a Feature Request for the first part, but forgot to assign it to me and it seems like i can’t change that.

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