Reply To Email instead of From

Just wanted to say InvoicePlane is awsome, I have been testing and ran into an issue where if using an email sender that allows spoof From address, the email will NOT be delivered if @aol OR @yahoo is in the From box. From research online it looks like their new email policy prevents others from sending as them without the email being signed by Aol or Yahoo.
Would it be possible in future versions to add a Reply To when sending the email?


To sum up:
You use to send your invoices.
This is not longer possible due to the DMARC entry.

As I understand there is no workaround for this problem but you stated that it could be possible if you reply to an email address?
But this would make no sense as a reply is the same as a normal email, just the subject is “RE:” in the most cases.

Something like this for the emails generated header:

Should I use the Reply-To header when sending emails as a service to others?

See The “Reply-To:” Field

You should still be able to send mails with the SMTP method. With this method, your server sends the mail over e.g. the Yahoo servers.

This is my testing so far:

SMTP 1: Comcast - Allows spoof From address
If the email has @aol OR @yahoo in the From field it is not delivered. Remember email is being sent from Comcast AS a AOL/Yahoo email.

SMTP 2: Outlook - Does NOT allow spoof From address
This one overrides the From and changes it to the Outlook account used to send the email.

With method 1 if the From field was AND the Reply To field
According to DMARC that is allowed, because you are not sending FROM the at AOL email, you do however want a reply to that email.

Sorry can’t use the @ symbol since it counts them a links in the email, due to new user 2 links Limits.

OK I meant if your own address is you set the InvoicePlane mail settings to SMTP with server, username, password yourPassw0rd. Don’t mix this with Comcast or any other mail server, this won’t work…
Also I’d recommend that you buy a dedicated domain for your business, this looks more professional and you don’t have to worry about Yahoo, AOL or whatever :slight_smile:

Very true, but if using a service like easy-smtp as the mailer, the Reply To function would come be useful.

Do you really send 10’000 or more invoices a month? I admire you :smile:

Not yet :smile: but just mentioning as something that could be considered when sending invoices.

Sadly, the current mailing library doesn’t support this. But I’ll keep that in mind for v2.