Remove discounts from pdf

i recently upgraded to the new 1.4.4 and i am liking the new pdf template format but i want to remove the discount column i removed all references to discounts in the invoiceplane.php file in /views/pdf and it removed the discounts column from the generated pdf but the table does not now fill the width of the page is there a way to stretch it back out to full width
thanks tom

You could replace invoiceplane.php with an original copy and perhaps override ‘Discount’ by editing the file

your-domain-name/invoice/application/language/english/ip_lang.php at line 124 by changing it from

‘discount’ => ‘Discount’,


‘discount’ => ‘’,

This will remove it from the pdf.

Thanks for your reply
I just went back to the default template and did as you suggested and when i reload the pdf it shows a 500 error

The next version of IP will ship with an optimized templates that automatically removes dicounts if they are empty. So, I would suggest to wait.

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