Quote Templates

What about add “Quotes Templates” as a new option in ‘Quotes’?

For companies which offer services, most of quotes are a result of many items. Option ‘duplicate’ from one customer to another can be use to cover this requeriment, but having the template option will be a ‘cleaner’ way to make fast quotes from a pre-built one.

I think shouldn’t be difficult to add as most of the features are alredy there.

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agreed, I would love this as I need two different types of quotes, one for a customer and one for a company

When I said “Templates” I’m not meaning about style, but about a bunch of items grouped together. Let me put an example. I’m a web developer and usually provide services to companies. It’s gonna be easier if I can make a template including:

  1. Requeriments
  2. Install and configure basics of CMS or eCommerce
  3. X hours of custom development
  4. Training
  5. Optional (hosting)

It’s just an example, but could make easier to do some quotations, specially for the ones who provide services.

So it’s the same like you copy a quote but without the client and you can choose it on the quote create form:


Yeah, that’s right!

I have more ideas to improve quotes, but step by step… :stuck_out_tongue:

Development Reference: IP-204

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