Questions about the system (not necessarily requests)

These things I’m looking to do might already be possible with the system, but since I’m so new to it and there seems to be very little documentation for the system, I’m stumbling around a bit trying to figure it all out. None the less, I love the system and want to thank the developers for all the hard work they’ve put into this.

  1. One thing I’d really like to be able to do with the system, and I’m not sure if this functionality is already there or not, is to set up different tax settings for items in the lookup.

For my application of the system I have items that are taxable, and services which are not. Most of the items I use thus far are taxable but on every quote I do there is at least one option that isn’t taxable, and those are already in my lookup. I can manually change them to no tax, but doing that leaves a lot of room for operator error. It would be nice to set those particular items as non-taxed by default.

It would be really awesome to have different types of items in the lookup, and have a way to organize lookup items by type. I can already see that for me, the lookup will be extensive and will quickly become a huge list.

  1. Another thing that would be awesome to do and I don’t know if it’s already possible would be to have sub quotes of a quote. Again for my application of the system, since I’m in construction, one quote that I send to a client will actually be a group of other quotes. For instance the quote I’m currently working on is a grouping of 22 individual quotes.

It would be awesome to be able to classify them that way, and also if I wanted, to automatically join them into one quote when I’m done with them.

  1. Is there a way to add extra address entries for a client? I deal with rental property owners who sometimes have upwards of 20 addresses each and I’m not sure how the system is going to be able to handle such a situation. I guess I could enter the client in for each address, but that will also get confusing when I end up with 20 entries of the same client.

Maybe there is a way to group clients in the categories or something?