Question about PayPal

Before I mess with my invoices or my Paypal account I want to ask you guys that are way more experienced with that.

Im interested in connect my InvoicePlane with my Paypal account but my currency is not supported by paypal, Im from Colombia and we dont use USD for our transactions so all my prices are in Peso Colombiano, do I have to change my currency in InvoicePlane and update all my products in order to use the gateway?

With paypal you can make use of multiple currencies but you might have to figure out a way make use of the “convert to” functionality on paypal

Whereby the default currency you use on paypal is USD and the currency of your billing system is in person

So whereby every time someone initiates a payment it is automatically converted to USD for processing …

Let me see of i ca find some information regarding that …

I would suggest waiting for InvoicePlane 1.5 because we currently completely rewrite the functions and it will then support over a dozen of currencies.

May I ask for NOK to be included?

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NOK will be available.

For all other supported currencies see

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