Profitability of a Company

Hello Kovah,

What a beautiful software you have created. We just love it for our small hosting and design company in India. I was thinking YII framework was the way to go but now I am a convert.

I just want to record a feature request under Report Menu. I wanted to know the profitability of the company. There is already a field to get the purchase price. I hope it will be easy to add a report that calculates the Purchase Price, Invoiced amount and the collected amount all in one line.

For example

Invoice No, Purchase Price, Qty, Purchase Amount, Sold Amount, Collected Amount

Hope I make some sense here.

Thanks once again for this beautiful open source software.

Last Update: 01.05.2015 (added to issue tracker)[/size]

This will not be added in InvoicePlane 1 as expense management is not quite possible with the current system.