Product limit capacity

Hi all,

does anyone know the limit capacity of product that can be stored? I tried to save products 50 previous and all well, then using SQL commands I tried to put thousands of products that I have. database import process was successful, but when trying to add the product does not work on the page quotation or invoice.

is there ever encountered this problem before? there anything you can to help this problem? thanks for the response and help

hello, anyone can suggest for this problem? I need to add millions product of car part. I think this is an application bugs.

sorry, but the products module was not designed to handle “millions” of products, not even thousands.

please consider the upgrade module for this capability, the application was good but not perfect. because of this problem. maybe there will be people who interest to modificate it?

I can’t promise anything but the product handling will be updated in the near future.

Dear Kovah, thanks for your attention, I believe this will be a best option for the application and I know this is an important update to handle mass items inside.