Product definition problem


I have a problem with the products, every time I change anything the price is changed to a value before a colon.

Example: $4,500 is changed to $4

And it happens every time I just need to edit a product and save with out any change and it will rewrite the price.

I’m the only one with this issue? Thanks!! I’m running version 1.4.3

What decimal and thousand separators did you set in the settings?

It has de default settings (WIthout the parenthesis) decimal (.) thousand (,) and ($) for currency

Just in case anyone finds this issue, I changed the display on the form for the product so $ and colon (,) are not displayed when I edit the product and is now saved correctly.

Edit the file application/modules/products/views/form.php

and change:

  value="<?php echo format_amount($this->mdl_products->form_value('product_price')); ?>">

for this

                               value="<?php echo $this->mdl_products->form_value('purchase_price'); ?>">

I think this bug was already fixed in the latest development release. It will be released in the next weeks.