Problem with custom role permission

i create a two user admin or super admin. super admin access all things in admin while admin access only those client which assigen by super admin to admin . and admin also create invoice, create client all things . admin have all permision edit delete all things only differenc is that admin access only those client data which assigen by super admin to admin or admin create clients .plz reply soon client is waiting…

@Saurabh_Dwivedi What exactly is your problem? It seems that it’s not related to this thread.

my problem is that i create two admin first is super admin or second is admin. both have same permission edit delete anythings only difference is that super admin assigen client to admin . when admin login then he access only assigen client data.

As it seems that you created a new user role we have to take a look on the code to help you.

                'records' => $clients,
			//	'$this->session->userdata('user_id')' => $m,
		    	// 'user_value'      => $this->session->userdata('user_id'),
                'filter_display' => TRUE,
                'filter_placeholder' => lang('filter_clients'),
                'filter_method' => 'filter_clients'

how to pass current user login id

Sorry but I can’t follow. First you are asking regarding the role and now you show the session handling for user where you ask how to pass the user ID which is simply commented out in your code?!