Pending Invoice with Custom Start Date and Autosend?

Weren’t it good to have a function where i can create a pending invoice that starts at a specific date and gets its billing ID at sending out to customer automatically at this date.

Background: Let’s say you create a bill for a customer and have an recurring job running for that bill for a yearly period and one of the position you bill to them gets cancled by customer but the other don’t. In this constelation you have to wait for a year before the next recurring invoice date, end that recurring and place a new bill with new billing details. you will probably forget to change that after few month.

So if i had the possibility to add an invoice without invoice number for a specific date i could stop the previous recurring invoice, create that new one (Let’s call it: Pending Invoice) as an replacement with the custom start date and add the recurring on that new created bill that gets executed at the predefined date. so i don’t need a reminder to react manually at the next billing period.

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