PDF output doesn't parse CSS correctly

I have some CSS rules which don’t get parsed. Since IP uses mPDF, this should be the supported CSS features:


However when I set a margin or padding, the other elements don’t move.

MPDF basically supports margin and padding but based on the layout some stylings do not work. Its pretty weird sometimes to try to style a template.

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Maybe can be usefull add a preview mode html-style and then user can convert it to pdf with the inside mpdf o with other programs installed …

Will be easier to set layout templates without limits


Well there are some other things on the to do list and the templates will be improved in InvoicePlane 2.

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hm, but are there workarounds? I really need a fancy invoice with custom margins and backgrounds and paddings and stuff…

To achieve this it took me a little bit … not all tags css work properly but you can customize with a little patience

Could you share this template with us? Looks very good!

I’m glad you like it :smiley: , but not yet complete.

It is not completely dynamic because missing php-tags of the type of payment (I want to be taken from the bill) and the properties of the .css “PDF footer” (in the settings invoice) and also the name of the tax

A fully dynamic template means less problems for my clients

I’m working on another 3 templates … this is my staff when I finish I will share with the community as it was my intention from the beginning