PDF Footer HTML Problem

It states that at the bottom of the pdf file we can put HTML information. However several attempts to style it to my wish it didnt work but rather deleted some of the code.

For example the usage of

<div style="whatever styling"> content </div>

did result in removing the style tag after saving it.

It did not want to center my content. Text Formating like h6 works though. Horizontal Rule work as well.

Is there any recommendation what to use and what not to ?


Seems to be classes are working partly at least. I have been playing around with several classes as found in the css - it’s very similar if not is bootstrap…


Worked for me. But not what I wanted for now.

Couldn’t get all those col-xx- grid classes, and several other to do what i actually wanted.

Some styles get removed by the MPDF settings. Discovered this earlier. Plus: Some styles won’t work in PDF generation.

For the templates I made so far I used inline stylings cuz at the time I started using InvoicePlane there was no support for external stylesheets.

I realized that using styles defined in the template work fine…


<div class="my_footerpagestyle">
 <p >{PAGENO} / {nb}</p>

works fine for me. whereas “my_footerpagestyle” is defined in my template