PayPal doesn't collect all the information

Hello everyone, I am hoping somebody can help and I am not the only one with this problem.
Please follow me:

Click PAY NOW and PayPal shows correct information including invoice number before payment.
User pays.
I receive email showing DESCRIPTION as “0” where it should at least say the invoice number.

In PayPal tracking slip, the data shows as website domain (acceptable) but item number as “n/a” and description as customer name.

It’s confusing to match up the invoice with the payment email with the tracking slip if names and values are similar.

I was expecting paypal to show the invoice number across all communication. Everything else works but the information form paypal (or lack of) seems confusing.

Can anyone advise, if this is a paypal not storing my data issue or invoiceplane not sending the data to paypal properly issue?

I’m confused. But I get the payment so something must be right.

I am having this same issue.