Payments on Invoice

When is chosen a payment method, which “theorically” should be the way for the customer to pay, then when a payment is introduced, is not possible to change the method.
Method should be a suggestion, but if a customer wants to pay invoice in a different way, the system should let him do it, as well as different payments with different methods.

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I think this does not make any sense. If you add a payment from a customer why do you want to change the payment method on the invoice after that?
The payment method is meant to be a fixed setting and not a suggestion for the customer and should be handled this way.

Maybe I didn’t explain well. Is not change the payment method on the invoice. Is changing actually the payment.

In a perfect world, all customers would pay in the same method already choosen in the invoice.

But, as can happen (thought not very often to us) is that once you print the invoice (which is immutable, btw) the customer, for some reason maybe only he understands, “decides” to pay in a different way. Invoice method shouldn’t change, but payment should allow to pay in many different ways (as in old versions).

Some companies also pay invoice in two or three times and also with different methods (like for example, when invoice is send, bank transfer and then promissory note - paycheck for the other half). As the program is right now, this is not possible to do.

I understand what you mean. Customers should not be restricted to any payment method. For example if a merchant requested through Bank and there’s online payment available. If one does not work out, the customer should be able to use the other.

I think this make sense except of course the merchant wants to strictly enforce this which I think will be too restrictive and inconveniencing.

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I don’t know what’s the problem.
If you don’t want to restrict the payment method for invoices just don’t set a payment method. As I said: the payment method should only be set if you are sure that the client will pay with this method.

We don’t use this field to “force” customers to pay only in that way, but to suggest in the invoice (we print this field together with the rest of the elements).
Anyway, every method is good if you finally get the money, and many customers they just do what they want or what they can.
If I usually get paid by bank but I visit a customer for other matters, and they offer me to pay all pending invoices with a paycheck, I can’t say something like “I can’t take the check because my invoice app doesn’t let me change the method once selected”. It’s money anyway, it’s valid for us.
I hope I explained better my point.