Paid invoices field does not seem to update


I use Invoiceplane 1.4.3

The “Paid” amount of the “Invoice Overview” on the Dashboard does not seem to update. I just updated two invoices using the “paid” status but the “Paid” amount does not reflect these changes.

Here is a picture of the situation :

let me know if I can help,


Well okay, thats strange. Maybe a bug. I will test this on my system.

Ok thanks, I’m attaching too my MySQL schema because I upgraded Invoiceplane several times for each new version and it could be related, because each time the only kept file was the application/config/database.php file.

invoiceplane-schema.sql.txt (26.4 KB)


ok it’s just me, everything is fine :slight_smile: sorry for the wasted time. closing!

What was the problem?

I just didn’t understand that you had to fill a payment for the invoice amount appears in that column. Sorry :smile:

Oh okay hehe