Overpayment on an invoice?

I’ve searched the forums and don’t think I’ve found anything on this.

I have clients that tend to pay in chunks, as opposed to ‘per invoice’. This leaves me with payments that don’t match any invoice.

However, invoice payments do not allow me to input an ammount OVER the invoice price. So I have to split payments manually.

Is there a way to input payments larger than the current invoice, and have any excess pay distribute to the next invoice?

Also, sometimes they only have 1 current invoice, but still overpay because they know a new invoice will eventually becoming (these clients like to pay in even 500 increments for whatever reason). So is there any way to make some sort of ‘credit’ system. Where we can allow for overpayments from an account?

I hope those made sense. Maybe this should be in feature request instead of support, I don’t know. Thanks!

Hi there.
The payment system is not able to handle those cases at the moment but we already discussed about this in the past and a feature to implement multiple payments per invoice will be integrated.
Same for credit invoices. They are planned but it’s not possible to directly create a credit note on an invoice.

That’s good to know, at least it’s something being talked about.

Just out of curiosity, is there any rough idea of what people are thinking in terms of a time table? That’s fine if not, I’m not trying to be pushy. But just thought I’d ask if it’s pretty low priority and something that may not be seen for a year or two.


What exactly do you mean with the time table? Do you mean time tracking?

Sorry, that was not clear. I meant for a future release that would include ability to do multiple payments and/or a credit system.

Sorry for the confusion.

Oh OK.
This feature is planned for v2 but there are no exact release dates at the moment. Bit an early alpha / beta release is planned for fall this year.

I’ve come across this issue as well. Clients want to pay a retainer and use it up.
My interim solution is to create a product called Retainer and add that product to the invoice with a negative price. I then manually set the invoice to paid when it’s time to issue it (say, at month end) and send the paid email with the negative balance.
I then create a new invoice for the client with the first product being Retainer again and enter the negative residual from the last invoice.
This way the invoices show a negative balance as long as there is a retainer left.