Open Cart Integration

Hey all,

Just wondering if there is any way this can be integrated with Open Cart?

I came here after seeing it posted in the OC forum and looking to use this as well as Open Cart to manage sales that are done away from the website but looking for this and OC to sync with Stock levels and such :slight_smile:


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I think this is something that will be available as a plugin for InvoicePlane 2.

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hello, I mentioned it as a recommendation in the opencart forums a week ago because i think it would be very powerful if the two systems could talk to each other. The opencart invoice system (or lack of) is NOTHING compared to the invoiceplane system :smile:

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It would be really good! :slight_smile:

Just need some help actually installing this!

Databases and FTP are not my thing! Ha!

Leatherbaz โ€ฆplease read through the Wiki for guide. Its quite easy and self-explanatory