Need to display "Sales Tax" instead of "Item Tax" at bottom of Invoice?

At the bottom of my invoices, what is displayed as “Item Tax” I need displayed as “Sales Tax.” How do I change this?

With the help of a user on this forum, I accomplished what I needed to do.

Here is how I fixed my problem:

Edited /application/language/english/iplang.php

and changed line 208


‘item_tax’ => “Item Tax”


‘item_tax’ => “Sales Tax”

Is this the proper way to accomplish what I am trying to do?

InvoicePlane has 2 tax areas. There is the ‘Item Tax’ obviously, where you can tax individual items on the invoice. This comes in handy for say, not taxing shipping but taxing a product. Then there is the ‘Invoice Tax’ which charges a tax onto all items on the invoice.

I prefer to only use the ‘Item Tax’. With our system, I renamed the ‘Item Tax’ as you have in the ip_lang.php file to ‘sales tax’. I then went to the ‘Taxes’ settings in IP and disable the ‘Default Invoice Tax Rate’, set ‘Default Invoice Tax Rate Placement’ to ‘none’ and ‘Default Item Tax Rate’ to whatever the State Sales tax is for your state (ours is 7%).

That should be enough for what you are looking to accomplish. However if you wish, you can remove the ‘Invoice Tax’ from the views on the PDF, Public and System. as I have done, That would ensure there is no confusion if you have multiple people typing invoices as we have.

I am still on Version 1.2(too many custom changes) but can help guide you to the files and lines that you need to remove if you need help. Just keep in mind that if you ever update in the future, you will need to edit those lines again.

I will email those other changes per our phone conversation earlier.

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I also changed line 440 in ip_lang.php


‘terms’ => ‘Terms’


‘terms’ => ‘Notes:’

This allows me to use the invoice terms box at the bottom of invoiceplane to create all of the “notes” I need to at the bottom of the invoice for clients.