Need some help in modification

I want to modify invoice plane and create a simpler app
Can someone please help me out
I am not an expert In codeigniter

You should tell us what exactly you want to achieve.

BTW: could you update your profile pic? It seems broken.

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I want invoice plane for local shopkeepers
with only two invoice status credit and debit
Or a simple system
If customer buys something I should add a bill to his account
For example he buys worth rupees 2000 I will bill his account for 2000 and if he pays me rs 1000 I should add that to receipt
So remaining balance he has to pay me is 1000
That will reflect in his account
There are so many statuses in quote and receipt
Which are little complex
I should be able to search a person by his city or any other search filters
If I have two customers with same name It is confusing whose account to debit or credit
remainig features are fine
I think you got some idea what I want to achieve
No doubt invoice plane is awesome but if there is a simpler version it would be more popular
I also want to add inventory if I sell a product or add it to the receipt of a customer then the product should be subtracted from total list of products

Thanks for your quick replies and support @Kovah