Module creation - Modal not working

Hello everyone,

I created extra modules but cant seem to make the creating JavaScript controller work no JavaScript popups or functions happening, any suggestions or help?

Best Regards,
Sergio Mora

Ooh and i forgot to mention that everything is working just fine i created new tables for the database and in the debug log i get no errors is just that that creating function not working or am i forgetting any file creation?

Code would be very helpful.

javascript code for new module

any luck @Kovah ?

Sorry, don’t have much time to look into this at the moment.


Im still getting the same error with the new module created… I created a module called Reservations when i click on create reservations JavaScript popup is not working.


modals are still not working for me.

I replaced the code of modal_add_invoice_tax.php with the code you provided and it’s loading without any problems. Maybe you made some mistakes with the modal include or the button that should open the modal…

i dont get it…what was that you replaced

open the modal_add_invoice_tax.php file, replace all the code with your code. Then open any invoice and the modal will open…

it still doesnt work for me

im not trying to open invoices im trying to open new module i created and the modal for the new module i created is not working maybe we did not understand each other very well i guess…

sorry if you didn’t understand what i was trying to say…

This is just for testing as you didn’t posted code of your new module. The JS code you posted is working and opens a new modal no matter where you insert it.
Post your whole code and we can continue helping you.

where can i post it?

since is a whole folder do you have an email i can send too or share the folder thru owncloud or something

Why don’t you fork InvoicePlane on Github and work there?