Make recurring invoices more flexible with vars like {{{month}}}

Within recurring invoices I needed a function to show the billing period within an item. Something like this would do the trick:

billing period is {{{day+10}}} and {{{Month+2}}} and {{{Year+2}}}

Within modules/invoices/models/mdl_invoices.php in the public function copy_invoice I placed Q&D code snippet below

foreach ($invoice_items as $invoice_item) {
        // SNIPPET HERE
        $now = new DateTime();
        $replacements = explode('{{{', $invoice_item->item_description);
        foreach ($replacements as $replacement) {
            $replace = stristr($replacement, '}}}', true);
            if (empty($replace)) continue;
            if ($pos = strpos($replace, '+')) {
                $add = substr($replace,$pos+1);
                $addtype = substr(strtolower($replace),0,$pos) . 's';
                $now = date_add($now, date_interval_create_from_date_string("$add $addtype"));
            $format = substr($replace,0,1);
            setlocale(LC_TIME, 'DE');
            $replace = date_format($now, $format);
            $invoice_item->item_description = str_replace ($replacement,$replace,$invoice_item->item_description);
$db_array = array(

This does respect the first letter in uppercase for the long date version.

More thoughts:

  1. What I do not like is the setlocale(‘DE’) as constant fixed. It might be a better archievement to get it from the client record or alternately from the settings table, but I’ve not found a quick trick to pick it up (ip novice).

  2. Errors are not caught with in the loop. User must know what could be used (Ref What will work for shure is (D/d)ay, (M/m)onth, (Y/y)ear may be more.

  3. Exented could also be the ‘+’ sign to also respect a ‘-’ and the date_sub function.

  4. This might be an idea for a more common function and the whole item selection on creating new invoices/quotes or other user text parts in the system.

hth Markus

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